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Steve passion for health and fitness has helped him to create the lifestyle of a champion. His experience in the fitness and nutrition industry spans 25 years and includes 15 years as a top National Level body builder in the United Kingdom

In 2008 Steve was thrown a curve ball in the shape of a health challenge that was about to change everything. This put Steve on a collision course with the Network Marketing profession as when products gave him the desired outcome he was looking to obtain.

Through his passion and deep belief Steve set out on a mission to educate others and went on to build a Customer base of 110,000 and a Team of 14,000 Business Partners in 31 different countries in less than 3 years using offline and online strategies.

Steve is still building in the field and Mentors people from many other companies and countries as well, with his generic no nonsense training.

Since 2012 Steve has broken every Record in his company as the top UK leader, and has spoken on stages in the several countries globally sharing his passion to help resulting in thousands of Network Marketers around the globe being able to grow their own successful network marketing businesses.



Dr Michael Edwards
Pastor Voice of Comfort International Church

Steve Ottewell wow ! What can I say, His passion to see people succeed cuts across racial and religious boundaries… I have quite a few friends that will only relate with you in a condescending way especially if you happen to be different from them , for eg. say just barely from the colour of your teeth.
They may hide it behind a facade of smiles but their insincerity/ superiority complex based on an ethnic, tribal or racial divide just shines through! THIS IS NOT STEVE? With STEVE; he is a free spirit who genuinely wants people to succeed!
He pedals knowledge and rare wisdom so powerfully like the drug cartels of Columbia yet with unparalleled simplicity.
With many motivational speakers ; they show you the way , sometimes they show you the door but always hide the keys ! Steve will show you a success path and give you a torch, & the keys to the door and even escort you all the way!
First time I sat with Steve we were like two long lost-brothers or brothers from another mother!
Our hearts knitted in wisdom knowledge and strategy.
Steve shows with ease the loops to making money either in a ‘one to all’ or ‘one to one style’!
He is a voice not to be missed ! He is not just a motivational leader , he is a ‘ hold me in the hand and let’s get the treasure guy’!
He doesn’t give you a treasure map ! He is the treasure map to wealth in this generation !
Don’t miss Steve at Leadership Business Master Class!

” Frazer has absolutely cracked the code when it comes to creating engagement, conversation, connection with your audience ….whatever that audience is.”


Founder & CEO of Network Marketing Pro

Steve opens up spots for the chance to work with him 1 on 1 for a 90 day period.

Click The Button Below And Take The Survey To See If You Qualify…


Steve opens up spots for the chance to work with him 1 on 1 for a 90 day period.

Click The Button Below And Take The Survey To See If You Qualify…

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