My mission is to have an Impact and Make a difference, to Lead people to achieve their breakthrough moment, and to work side by side with them sharing all the secrets I have learnt in the Network Marketing profession.

My name is Steve Ottewell, and I’ve been working in Network Marketing for almost 8 years now.

I dedicate myself to and love this profession as I have seen it change so many people’s lives It’s the reason I am living the life I always dreamed of. What I do is working in two ways, one is I am actively working to build and expand my business to grow and second I am a Network Marketing Coach as I have learned by mistakes I have made how to take this business serious as a profession and how to teach some principles that can help people not make the same mistakes I did.

Some people can feel overwhelmed and alone in this business, I know I did when I was first introduced to Network Marketing and I want to offer a friendly hand to let people know they are not alone.

When I first was introduced to Network Marketing in 2008 I could not sleep as I saw a concept that I knew could have a major impact, my only issue at the time is I had limiting belief in the companies I was introduced to and a limiting belief in my own capacity to make this thing work. You see this was all new to me at the time and that is why I needed a mentor and to learn some skill sets.

I made it my mission to develop these skill sets needed to succeed in the profession. I have met some wonderful people, built a successful business and my major goal, I’ve been living the life I always dreamed of and this is what I would like for each one of you and my goal is to help you achieve this.

I am living in Cornwall in the United Kingdom; it is a beautiful place and I also wanted to prove to people you do not have to live in a major city to make this profession work for you.

This profession allows you to work from any location and gives me a freedom I could not have in any other business. However, this is not a straight path and anyone who tells you it is easy is not being truly honest with you. When I first started Network marketing on several exactions I took a step back and questioned what I was doing as I was not getting the results I had been told I would get. However, through a Bad decision I met my mentor so you can always pull a positive from a negative situation.
What I got from this mentor was the skill sets and the vision of what could be achieved

how to be successful, how to do things right and, finally, how to make more money. That has worked: I am now a Double Diamond Executive with my company, Developing Diamond Leaders of my own.

So, this is where I find myself now, able to give back what the Network Marketing Profession has given me. Freedom, prosperity both mind and soul, both physically and financially.
I am inspired by a purpose greater than myself the purpose to help others reach their full potential.

I define happiness as doing something that you are passionate about every day and enriching the lives of others. This I found the answer to with Network Marketing

If this strikes a chord with you then are you with me? If so, I look forward to getting to know you and becoming friends.