We rise by lifting others

EMPOWERING a person to see a possible future, and believe it can be obtained


we all need someone who inspires us to do better than we know how. Uk Network Marketing Professional and Network Marketing Mentor Steve Ottewell has helped people from all walks of life to release their true potential. The art of becoming a successful Network Marketing Mentor, is to do all the things you want others to be lead by your own example, inspire others with your passion, vision, commitment and persistence. Be an open and honest communicator, look for the best in people, empower then to their own personal greatness and always do the right thing!

Lead by the power of your own example.

Be exactly what you are helping others become, that means being authentic, developing the habits yourself that you want to teach others to have.Success in Network Marketing starts with prospecting and recruiting people into your business, so be a powerful and effective recruiter and then teach others how you did it. Being consistent with the action you take is vital to being successful so master being consistent and persistent and then teach others how you developed that skill. The first mentor I had in Network Marketing had a great expression, show me don’t snow me! And by being all the things you need to be to be successful yourself you will be able to show others not snow them!

Be a leader not a follower.

So what is Leadership really? Simply put it is the art of motivating a group of people to take action toward achieving a common goal. So to motivate your team these are some the characteristics you will need, to be the effective leader you want to be. Leaders are people who stay focused and are clear and decisive. They have their eye on the goal and will do everything they need to do to achieve that goal. They are people who have a vision and who are passionate. They inspire and develop trust in others. Leaders are people who do the right thing and they are focused on inspiring others to their personal greatness.

Become a great communicator.

Communication is the major key to success not only in Network Marketing but in every aspect of life. It is a very common belief that being a great communicator is all about being able to get your point across clearly and effectively, and while that is very important aspect of communication, we often forget that there are two sides to communication and an effective mentor learns and develops skills on the other side which is of course the skill of being an effective listener. Most of us a pretty good talkers, we can often go on forever if we happen to get on a subject that we are passionate about, but the art of being a great communicator is having the ability to put information out and also the ability to take information in which means effectively listening to others, really listening!!

Empower others.

Often in the Network Marketing Industry we can develop the habit of doing things for others. It is easy for instance when a person first joins the team that it can be quicker to do things for them rather than teaching them how to do things. When you have a system in place teach your team members to access and use that system. I find one of the most powerful things you can do for someone else is to initially inform them and educate then on the principles of doing something and then to let them know they can come back to you at anytime and ask questions about what you have taught them as long as they bring with them a thought or an idea of what the answer could be. This not only teaches people to become solution oriented it helps them discover ways to find information and then you will find that they will treat others the same way which of course will empower them it creates a win, win.